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ReStart post-Covid

We are here to help your organisation get up and running with the new 'normal'.

  1. Aggressively promote your business with brochures, flyers, mailshots, posters and so on. One consequence of your customers spending time in isolation is that they have extra time to read promotional material delivered to their letterbox - and to act!
  2. Equip your business with special queueing and social distancing signage and information posters. If it's a retail operation, you might want to separate entry/exit lanes at doorways, restrict the number of customers in the shop, establish clear queueing and service placements and patterns. In offices and waiting rooms there may be a need to distribute safe seating areas with signage.
  3. Refreshing your branding and look - take this opportunity to refurbish your premises' signage, colour scheme and messaging. We offer bespoke design and production of shopfront signs, logos, etc

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