Retail Safe Queue Kit Floor Sticker Vinyls and Posters

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Suitable for application to many floor types including tiled and wooden floors. Comprising of standing points and positioned to indicate safe queueing distances and the queue direction. Non slip hard wearing floor sticker sticker that is washable and hard wearing. Social Distancing Floor Decals - Safety Floor Sign Marker - Maintain Distance - Anti-Slip, Commercial Grade. Perfect for Covid 19 Social Distance reminders. 



  1. Queue Here Floor Graphics (Qty 5). Size 400mm [w] x 300mm [h]
  2. Safe Distance Floor Graphics (Qty 5). Size 400mm [w] x 300mm [h]
  3. Directional Arrows (Qty 12). Size 100mm [w] x 100mm [h]
  4. A3 Paper posters (Qty 3). Size 297mm [w] x 420mm [h]

Designed for retail premises, this pack contains the basic signage needed to implement a safe queuing policy at tills and service desks.